Mosquito facts
• Mosquitoes affect humans only in their adult stage
• There are approximately 150 species of mosquitoes in the US and over 3000 worldwide
• Mosquito lifecycle takes 10 - 14 days to complete
• Male mosquitoes die after 6 or 7 days
• Female mosquitoes lay an average of 200 eggs per brood and will have 8 - 10 broods during her lifetime
• Male mosquitoes do not bite animals or humans, they feed on plant juices
• Exhaled carbon dioxide, from 100 - 150 feet away is what attracts a female mosquito to her prey
• Female mosquitoes are capable of biting more than once
• Mosquitoes can fly 10 miles or more from where they hatch at an estimated speed of 1 to 1 and 1/2 m/hr
• Mosquitoes flap their wings 500 - 600 times per minute

How to effectively avoid mosquitoes
When it comes to getting bitten by potentially disease-carrying mosquitoes, there is truth in the old adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Create a Mosquito Protection Plan for your family; be sure to educate your children about the potential harm of mosquito bites and empower them to protect themselves against these bothersome, biting insects.

This includes the following:
Wear protective clothing at dusk and twilight hours; long pants and long sleeves will minimize skin exposure and light colors are best. Always have appropriate clothing in the car.
Use potentially harmful chemicals, such as DEET, sparingly as side effects can be severe.
Sprays need to be reapplied frequently to maintain effectiveness.
Be cautious as aerosols can be easily sprayed in the eyes.
Also, tired children tend to rub their eyes, potentially spreading harmful repellent sprays and creams.

Outside your home
Rid your home of any still water collection that can serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes
Change bird bath and pet dish water every other day, especially humid and hot days
Be sure to store barrels, wheel barrels and flower pots upside down
Cover pools and jacuzzis
Citronella is commonly used as a repellent but topical protection is short lived - up to 30 minutes
Have marigolds around your home as they serve as a natural bug repellent
Install or repair screens in all areas of your home; check attic and cellar windows and screen doors as mosquitoes can find their way to warmer zones