Rated Voltage 220 V, power supply included
Power Consumption 1.5 W
Frequency Range 24.000 - 50.000 Hz
Sphere of Action 100-250 qm
Sound Pressure Output 110 DB (can not be heard by human beings)
Effective Space 5000 ft2
Dimensions 14 x 8.8 x 7 cm
Weight approx. 440 g
This ultrasonic mouse repeller with two speakers each 2.5 inches in diameter emits high frequency sound waves more than 2X the power output of standard ultrasonic pest control units. The sound is completely inaudible to people and non-rodent pets. Varying intensity and frequencies of ultrasonic sound waves prevents pest from getting used to the ultrasonic repellent . Since the sound is inaudible, a red LED light tells you the unit is working properly. It's kinder than traps, safer than poisons, and there are no dead rodents to dispose of so it minimizes human contact with mice, rats, and other disease-bearing rodents.

The ultrasonic sounds continuously penetrate up to 5,000 unobstructed square feet. In addition, the Attack Wave Pestrepeller utilizes automatic wave variation, minimizing the chance that pests become immune to the sound. Inaudible and harmless to humans and common pets*, this unit operates totally chemical and battery free, making it the easiest way to keep bugs on the run.
• Commercial quality
• Emits high frequency sound waves that effectively repel rodents
• Sound is completely inaudible to people and non-rodent pets
• Varying ultrasonic sound waves prevents rodents from getting used to
• Since the sound is inaudible, a red LED light shows unit is working properly
• Twin loudspeaker-system and alternating frequencies
• Ultrasonic waves repell mice, rats, cockroaches, fleas, silverfishes, bugs etc. EFFECTIVE AGAINST
Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Flies, Silverfish, Millipedes, Crickets, Moths, Ants, Spiders, Mice (Not Rats) and other common pests.

5000 sq ft
Suitable for use in large sized rooms, kitchens, garages, attics and basements

Less operating costs for electricity – 1.5W