Rated Voltage Direct plug into power socket
Power Consumption 1 W
Frequency Range 20,000-90,000 Hz
Sound Pressure Output approx. 130 dB
Effective Space 100-150 m2
Dimensions 138 x 75 x 50 mm

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This silent electronic device safely drives away disgusting and annoying pest problems — without hazardous poisons (insecticides) around children and food, traps or zaps! It helps get rid of pests without bothering people. It is a clean, safe and effective alternative for use around the home or office to quickly repel pest, mosquitoes, spiders and creepy crawlies.

The electronic pest repeller plugs into any common household outlet and works 24 hours a day fighting annoying pests that come within 1600ft2 of this unit. It generates high-powered ultrasonic (Variable Changing Frequencies) sound waves that pests and mosquitoes cannot become accustomed to — so they vacate! This versatile device also has an attractive "UV LED Light"*.

*Turn on the ULtrasonics and UV LED light for maximum Ultrasonics soundwaves effects.
MAIER Pest & Mosquito Repeller
• Direct plug-in to domestic power outlet
• Uses advance Ultrasonic Sound Waves Technology (Variable Frequencies)
• UV LED Light

How many pest repeller should I buy for my house?
For maximum protection, we suggest that you install one electronic pest repeller for each room in your house against the pests that are ailing your surroundings.

Are the repeller safe for children?
Yes. The repeller emits ultrasonic frequencies in the range between 20-90Khz (Kilohertz).
This is inaudible to humans and larger pets.

Can pests adapt to the ultrasonic waves?
No. The ultrasonic waves has variable frequency pulses to keep the pests from adapting.

Can the ultrasonic waves be obstructed?

Yes. Any ultrasonic waves can be absorbed by walls and furniture. It is best to install your pest repellers in an open and unobstructed area. The ultrasonic sound waves are affected by the physical nature of the home or the area itself. Ultra sound cannot penetrate solid objects like walls or doors. Therefore if you place a unit in a closed room, the ultrasonic system will only be effective in that room. Opened doors allow the sound waves to travel to other rooms.

When can I expect results?
Every environment and application is different and depends on the extent of the infestation problem, where and how the device is placed in your house, and the type of insects. It also depends on whether you employ good pest control management practices, inside and outside your home. The electronic pest repeller can start to show significant results in just a short time period. Once satisfactory results are achieved, we recommend that you leave the unit plugged in to maintain the results. Under normal conditions, pests will leave the hostile environment within 10-14 days. TIPS

What is the common breeding place for mosquitoes?
Quite a few mosquitoes are noted for breeding in pools and water holes that may contain water for only a week or so, which is long enough for their development. Many others breed in old tin cans and almost anything that will hold water. The infamous aedes mosquitoes, has a special predilection for man-made containers and has been found breeding in the water in a flower vase. Can also be found breeding by the million in rain barrels.

Where do cockroaches live and breed?
Cockroaches generally avoid light.
They breed in dark crevices and areas which are out of human sight.

Where would we see rodents in our house?
Rodents are sensitive to all environments, and move around the edges of buildings/houses rather than across them. They are creatures of habit. They usually move in their same tracks and fear new objects.

Did you know?
Each year, the amount of patient inflected by mosquito is 0.7 billion.The amount of patient inflected by dengue in the world is 80 million to 0.1 billion.The amount of patient died for malaria fever is 3000. Every 20 seconds, a man is killed by the mosquito.