Rated Voltage AC 220-240 V
Power Consumption 85 W
Humidification max 250 ml/hr
Tank Capacity 3500 ml
Effective Space 25m2
Dimensions 185 x 204 x 340 mm
Weight 2.9 kg

Product brochure
Ultrasonic DualMist Warm/Cool Humidifier with ion exchange filter (MHI-3770) is a digital unit that uses high-frequency vibrations to generate micro-fine mist and when blown into any indoor environment immediately evaporates. the option to choose the pre-heating function generates the mist emitted at a pleasant warm temperature. MHI-3770 helps you breath easier and sleep more comfortably through it's emission of warm or cool mist, which has a split nozzle that provides directional mist for wider coverage.

Replaceable demineralization cartridge (Ionic Silver Technology) ensures water mist without lime scale build-up or mineral residues, which prevents microbial growth in the water base. This is particularly important when the humidifier is not used for some time with water remaining in the water tank base. ION exchange filter demineralizes and treats water to remove scale-forming calcium and magnesium from hard water, thus prolonging the lifespan of the ultrasonic generator and preventing white dust particles from depositing into the air.

The sleek design with easy-to-use control knobs and large digital display comes with a large transparent water tank with an easy-to-carry handle.
• Dual function - warm and cool mist
• Digital display screen shows operating conditions
• ION exchange filter effectively reduces creation of white powder
• Split nozzles - 360º adjustable direction
• Ultrasonic generator
• Super quiet operation
• With overheating protection
• Energy saving
• Cleaning brush includedBENEFITS
• State-of-the-art design with large LCD display
• Intelligent Temperature Compensation to automatically regulate the output to create the most comfortable relative humidity adjusted to the temperature in your room
• Auto mode: the unit pre-determines a comfortable night humidity level
• Industrial strength membrane surface, the quality of which guarantees fast dispersion of mist into the air, ensures long lasting use.
• Humidifies the air in rooms of up to 25 m2
• Make the choice of cool or warm humidification
• Powerful and replaceable demineralization cartridge with silver treated housing
• The ION exchange filter system helps to control microbial growth for up to 1 year of continuous use
• The ultrasonic system, with it's high-frequency vibrations, destroys most bacteria and viruses
• Pre-heating the water eliminates bacteria and viruses
• Hygrostat and mist output regulator for controlled humidification
• Ultra-quiet operation