Rated Voltage DC 3 V
Power Consumption 0.5 W /
2 AAA batteries
Ion Output ≥ 1x104/cm3
Active Oxygen Output < 0.04 ppm
Effective Space up to 6 ft
Dimensions 92 x 49 x 29 mm
Weight 55 g
This tiny personal ionic air purifier is designed ultra-light to be wearable around your neck or clipped to your clothing, while it delivers a stream of clinically clean and purified air directly into your own personal breathing space where you are.

From the car to the office in just a few seconds, bring this "Fresh-Air To Go" (Personal air purifier) so it stays with you, reducing smoke, odors, and other contaminants in the areas where you spend your time.

A Shield Protecting You
It creates a barrier that most indoor air contaminates cannot penetrate and significantly reduces airborne pollen, mildew, germs and other allergens. If you or anyone you know suffer from asthma, hay fever, allergic to perfume, smoke, mould and pet dander or are suffering from sinusitis or just want greater protection from germs and bacteria, then Silent Personal Air Purifier might just be the most instantly beneficial product you have ever owned.
• All electronic circuit, low energy consumption
• Energy Saving Mode - auto shut-off after approx. 30 mins
• Operated on 2 AAA batteries
• Simple to use
• Light, small and portable
• Silent and discreet
• Filter free and maintenance free
• Propels clean air directly into personal breathing zone
• Suitable for any situation, any place, any timeHOW IT WORKS
The Silent Personal Air Purifier uses negative ion air purification to remove airborne irritants and is effective up to six feet, making it perfect for air travel, automobile travel, as well as around the office. Operates on two AAA batteries. Create your own personal comfort zone today and breathe cleaner fresher air in any environment.
• Use it at home, office, in the aircraft, or just about anywhere.
• It delivers a constant stream of purified air directly over your personal breathing space it can be especially beneficial in closed environments where air is being re-circulated time after time (i.e. airplanes, coaches, trains), virulent organisms from ill individuals can easily spread to other passengers.
• Spread of airborne infections at times of outbreaks of respiratory illnesses (i.e. during flu season) is also easy in other high risk areas, where many people work or congregate (i.e. hospitals, care homes, schools, shopping malls, factories, workshops, offices and public transport places, etc.).
• The Silent Personal Air Purifier is an excellent and convenient to use device that can benefit people susceptible to viral and bacterial infections and to allergies.