Rated Voltage AC 220-240V / 50Hz0V / 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 40 W
Ion Output ≥ 1 x 106/cm3
Dust Removal Rate 1 micron 99.97%
UV Wavelength ≥ 20μw/cm2 (at 10cm-distance)
Air Volume approx. 2.0m3/min
Noise Level (dB) weak 35 / medium 50 / strong 56
Effective Space 40 m2 / 430 sq2
Dimensions 380 x 197 x 330 mm
Weight 4.5 kg

User Manual
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Amongst MAIER's air purifier products, the BioHEPA GP is a pioneer in the application of 3-layers HEPA filter, a high-class filter media used in clean room in household air purifiers. The 3-layers HEPA high performance filter can filter 0.3 micron size super fine fine particles at an effective rate of 99.97%.

• Utilizes high performance HEPA filter
• Multi-functional 3 layers filter materials
• UV sanitizes and removes dust, odour and smoke
• Excellent dust collection rate up to 99.97%
• Effectively filters super fine particles up to 0.3μm in size
• Large air flow volume rapidly circulate purified air indoor
• Thick filter provide up to 2 years service life
• Wholly electronic circuit, low noise designHOW IT WORKS
With thickened HEPA filter core and increased filtering surface extended service life of filter core to 2 years. This purifier is equipped with a 2m3 per minute blower rapidly circulate and purify the indoor air, thus shortened purifying time. It generates negative ion effectively removes odour, smoke and neutralizes poisonous gases, thus creates fresh and clean air.

The control panel utilizes soft touch button, three speed switch and timer operating system allows easy adjustment of purifying speed and convenient control of the operation. The germicidal ultraviolet light inside the BioHEPA GP destroys germs, viruses, bacteria, and other biological pollutants. The UV light also prevents micro-organisms captured by the HEPA filter from reproducing.

It is suitable for a room of 40m2 and is an ideal air purifier for home, offices, hotels and hospitals.

Superior Air Ionizer
The Bio-GP uses stainless steel ionizer pins, which are more durable than other ionizers. Besides durability, these ionizing pins produce a high negative ion output. The ionizer pins are located just inside the air outlet just above the fan, for maximum circulation throughout the room.

Superior Air Filter
The HEPA air filter cartridge is preceded by an activated carbon air filter and anti-bacterial pre-filter. This design increases the life of the filter.

Superior UV Lamp
The Bio-GP uses a "CCFL" (Cold Cathode) ultraviolet lamp, which lasts longer than other UV lamps. This powerful UV lamp is placed just behind the HEPA air filter, to destroy the bacteria captured by the HEPA air filter, preventing the reproduction of bacteria and lengthening the life of the filter.

Superior Quiet Fan
The 3-speed fan is virtually silent on the low setting, for quiet and non-disturbing air purification. The fan can be turned to a higher setting for increased effectiveness. Effectively circulates ions throughout an entire room (up to 500 sq. ft.), while drawing high volumes of particulate through the filter of the Bio-GP.

Superior Cost Efficiency
The Bio-GP offers cost savings in every aspect. This air purifier uses only 40 watts of power, saving as much as hundreds of dollars in electricity consumption each year compared to other electronic air filters.

Tested for Product Safety
The Bio-GP air purifier has been awarded ETL certification (an alternative to UL and CSA) for product safety compliance, so you know that it is safe to use in your home or office. SMOKE REMOVAL TEST